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  • Active CannaScience Eco Bloom™

    Eco Bloom™

    From: $32.95

    Maintains vitality during the flowering stage in organic hydroponic plants. It’s a little extra energy to give your plants a blooming boost!

  • Active CannaScience Eco Cal-Mag™

    Eco Cal-Mag™

    From: $32.95

    An organic calcium-magnesium solution that prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Grow™

    Eco Grow™

    From: $31.95

    A root or foliar-applied organic fertilizer that maximizes plant performance during the vegetative stage of development.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Kelp™

    Eco Kelp™

    From: $31.95

    This organic concentrated liquid sea kelp extract provides more than 70 nutrients to boost the development and yield of almost every crop.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Mix™

    Eco Mix™

    From: $31.95

    Achieve maximum yield with Eco Mix™ by alleviating micronutrient deficiencies.

  • Active CannaScience Eco N™

    Eco N™

    From: $32.95

    A fast acting nitrogen source used to support strong plant growth, abundant blooming and high yields.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Bloom™

    Hydro Bloom™

    From: $25.95

    Provides essential nutrients for robust plants, beautiful blooms, and increased yield.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Booster™

    Hydro Booster™

    From: $24.95

    Propagate your best sellers with our proprietary blend of organic acids, natural chelators and seaweed extract.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Cal-Mag™

    Hydro Cal-Mag™

    From: $25.95

    Prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Enhancer™

    Hydro Enhancer™

    From: $24.95

    Hydro Enhancer™ supports photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Grow™

    Hydro Grow™

    From: $24.95

    Encourage lush and robust growth with this easy to absorb vegetative nutrient mix.