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  • conventional starter kit

    Convent​ional Starter Kit


    Save more than 25% and get everything you need for a bumper crop! From planting your cuttings through to harvest, your plants will thrive with all six of our conventional hydroponic products.


    Hydro Grow (1L), Hydro Bloom (1L), Hydro Enhancer (1L), Hydro Booster (1L), Hydro Cal-Mag (1L), Hydro Root (50g)

  • Active CannaScience Eco Bloom™

    Eco Bloom™


    Maintains vitality during the flowering stage in organic hydroponic plants. It’s a little extra energy to give your plants a blooming boost!

  • Active CannaScience Eco Cal-Mag™

    Eco Cal-Mag™


    An organic calcium-magnesium solution that prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Grow™

    Eco Grow™


    A root or foliar-applied organic fertilizer that maximizes plant performance during the vegetative stage of development.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Kelp™

    Eco Kelp™


    This organic concentrated liquid sea kelp extract provides more than 70 nutrients to boost the development and yield of almost every crop.

  • Active CannaScience Eco Mix™

    Eco Mix™


    Achieve maximum yield with Eco Mix™ by alleviating micronutrient deficiencies.

  • Active CannaScience Eco N™

    Eco N™


    A fast acting nitrogen source used to support strong plant growth, abundant blooming and high yields.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Bloom™

    Hydro Bloom™


    Provides essential nutrients for robust plants, beautiful blooms, and increased yield.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Booster™

    Hydro Booster™


    Propagate your best sellers with our proprietary blend of organic acids, natural chelators and seaweed extract.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Cal-Mag™

    Hydro Cal-Mag™


    Prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Enhancer™

    Hydro Enhancer™


    Hydro Enhancer™ supports photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Grow™

    Hydro Grow™


    Encourage lush and robust growth with this easy to absorb vegetative nutrient mix.

  • Active CannaScience Hydro Root™ 500g

    Hydro Root™


    Maximize root initiation and root growth in plant cuttings.

  • organic starter kit

    Organic Starter Kit


    Save more than 25% when you order all five of our organic hydroponic nutrient products. Your plants will thank you with faster rooting, strong growth, and a bountiful harvest!


    Eco Grow (1L), Eco Bloom (1L), Eco Kelp (1L), Eco Mix (1L), and Eco N (1L).