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With products for each stage of growth, plants have the support they need for rooting, early growth, vegetative growth, and flowering. In addition, our products protect against plant stress, and provide for corrective nutrients. This combination ultimately results in increased yield.

Active CannaScience products are different in many ways:

  1. They are the result of scientific research and rigorous testing.
  2. They are made with high quality ingredients.
  3. They contain patented technology that enhances nutrient penetration, absorption and makes plants more resilient to environmental stressors.
  4. We have specifically formulated products for each stage of plant growth.
  5. The formulas and technologies in our products result in greater value by volume.
  6. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures.
Organic products are made using certifiable organic materials, while conventional products are not. Due to the low nutrient availability in organic materials, organic products contain less nutrient value compared to the conventional line, and therefore require a higher application rate.

Growing / Production

Our products can be used successfully in any growing medium, however the feeding rate may need to be adjusted from those shown on our calculators and charts. Carefully observe for healthy plant growth and if see any abnormalities, please email us, with photos and a description, for advice.

All Active CannaScience products are manufactured with horticulture-grade raw materials and the latest formulation technologies. They are clear solutions, easily mix with water, and produce no precipitates, while still providing high nutritive values.

Our Feeding Calculator allows you to set the Feeding Intensity to Light, Medium or Heavy, to adjust the application rate for each product. The feeding calculator and charts are designed for a clean and neutral pH water source. If you have definitive acidic or alkaline water, please email us the pH reading and the type of crop, and we will reply with our recommendation.

While our products are suitable for spraying, please be aware that in Canada, foliar sprays are not currently permitted for consumable cannabis.
Using more than the recommended amount of product can have negative effects. If you believe you have over-fed, skip the next feeding and keep the medium moist with clean water.

Shopping / Shipping

Products can be ordered and picked up from our Saskatoon location, but otherwise are only sold online via this website. We are seeking retailers across Canada and will update this site as stores come onboard. If you are interested in being a distributor or retailer, please register here.

Shipping is charged based on weight. You will be able to choose your shipping method from your cart or at checkout.

Our products are made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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