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Organic Starter Kit


Save more than 25% when you order all five of our organic hydroponic nutrient products. Your plants will thank you with faster rooting, strong growth, and a bountiful harvest!


Eco Grow (1L), Eco Bloom (1L), Eco Kelp (1L), Eco Mix (1L), and Eco N (1L).

* Use the feeding calculator to help you determine the amount of product you require.

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Save more than 25% and get everything you need for a bumper crop! From planting your cuttings through to harvest, your plants will thrive with all six of our organic hydroponic products.

Organic Starter Kit Includes:

Active CannaScience Eco Mix™

Eco Mix (1L)

EcoMix™ contains sulphur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc - micronutrients that speed root growth while strengthening stalk and leaf development. It also improves plant colour, fruit quality and yield.

Active CannaScience Eco Grow™

Eco Grow (1L)

Eco Grow™ provides nitrogen, potash, sulphur, calcium and magnesium – the nutrients that young plants need to continue strong, healthy development and overcome the stress caused by rapid growth and herbicides. Roots deepen, while stalks strengthen and foliage increases, ultimately resulting in higher yields.

Active CannaScience Eco N™

Eco N (1L)

EcoN™ is used throughout the entire plant life cycle to support strong plant growth, abundant blooming and high yields.

Active CannaScience Eco Kelp™

Eco Kelp (1L)

EcoKelp™ is a great addition to your normal nutrient program as it provides numerous benefits, including advanced rooting, growth, and immunity, a greater volume of larger, higher quality flowers, fruits, pods, and seeds.

Active CannaScience Eco Bloom™

Eco Bloom (1L)

EcoBloom™ provides essential N-P-K in a formula specially designed for the flowering stage of plant growth, along with calcium to maintain cell wall structure, and magnesium to support photosynthesis.

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