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Active START™ (10L)


Promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield.

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Promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield.

Active START™ contains nutrients and bioactive molecules needed for your newly seeded crop to get off to a strong, healthy start. Active START is a seed coating that improves germination, boosts root growth, and protects seeds and seedlings from unfavourable environmental conditions. It fosters robust young plants primed to produce a greater yield.

When to Use

Prior to seeding hemp crops.


Active START enhances the seeds’ ability to germinate and quickly produce more and stronger roots. This results in hardier seedlings, more capable of withstanding less than ideal environmental conditions. Ultimately, the increased number of robust plants, produces a higher crop yield.

How it Works

Active START is a dressing applied to seeds before planting. It contains nutrients, organic acids, and Active CannaScience’s proprietary activation formulas. Active START protects the seeds and allows the nutrients to be utilized, even in unfavourable conditions, producing an increased number of roots and deeper roots. This results in more robust seedlings, healthier plants, higher quality crops and greater yield.


Canada: 4 ml Active START™ per 1 kg of seed.
US: 1 quart Active START per 542 lb of seed.

  1. Active START is designed to be applied as a seed nutrient dressing.
  2. Seed coating can be done simultaneously with Active START and compatible agrochemicals. (See Compatibility Chart and only use compatible agrochemicals with Active START.)
  3. If using Active START without additional agrochemicals, use equal amounts of water and Active START (4 ml/kg) to sufficiently coat seeds.
  4. Calibrate equipment to release the required amount of Active START and other agrochemicals based on seed flow rate.
  5. Thoroughly mix seeds with the Active START (and other agrochemicals) mixture. A colouring additive allows a visual check to ensure all seeds are uniformly coated.
  6. Let the treated seeds air dry for 5-10 min before seeding.
Weight 12.12 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 14 in


Compatibility Guide


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