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Download our free product guide for more information about Active CannaScience Products.

Download our free product guide for more information.

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Who we are

Active CannaScience is a leader in state-of-the-art plant nutrition and bio-active technologies.

Using rigorous evidence-based science and patented technologies, we develop innovative formulas that deliver nutrients to the plant cells precisely when and where they are needed. Each formula is designed to maximize crop performance and profits.


Using the scientific method of observation, measurement, experiment, formulation, testing, and modification, our lab has made extraordinary new discoveries.

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Patented Bio-Technology

Active CannaScience is an expert in foliar nutrition. Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies unlock the latent genetic potential of crops while protecting them from environmental stressors. Results from robust independent scientific research show enhanced germination, seedling vigour, root growth, crop quality, and yield.


The AutoCorrect-pH technology™ within our products protects plants from the effects of high acidity or alkalinity. It contains simple organic molecules that act as either weak acids or bases to pH buffer solutions. This property ensures that AutoCorrect-pH’s function and efficacy are preserved over various pH ranges.



As leaders in plant nutrient and industry disruptive bioactive technologies, we are constantly evolving our formulas. We ensure plant nutrition is optimized through every stage of plant growth, while simultaneously increasing resistance to environmental stressors.

We understand the unique challenges and stresses associated with intensive high-density production. That is why proven, evidence-based science is embedded within each of our product formulations.


Our product guide contains all the information you need to have the best results possible when using Active CannaScience products. Our feeding chart lets you know what product to use for each stage of growth while our feeding calculators generate the exact mixing recipe for any size tank.

Active CannaScience™ Product Guide


Our product guide will give you a better understanding on what products you need and how to use them.

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Our feeding charts will guide you through the best order of biochemical application to achieve a high quality yield.

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Our online feeding calculators will allow you to calculate how much of our product to use depending on your reservoir size and chosen feeding density.

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